Top HR and Company Culture News – August 7, 2013

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Aug 6, 2013

89795049"Is your company resisting employee engagement?" This is the question posed by Phillip Roark in a recent Switch & Shift piece in response to the dismal employee engagement statistics recently published. He proposes that employers should be addressing engagement in two directions: The conditions they can actively provide their employees for the purpose of engaging them, and the conditions they passively expect their employers to engage, in addition to their work. Following that proposition is a detailed explanation of how each direction should be addressed. The piece is a nice thought piece that cleverly addresses the huge engagement issue that America is experiencing at the moment.

18984889-human-resources-crm-and-social-networking-concept--female-officer-choose-person-employee-represented We all know that providing employees with a healthy, supportive workplace environment provides huge benefits for both the employee and the company. Knowing that is the easy part, the hard part is the execution. Christina Comaford's recent piece gives us the three powerful human needs employers must give their employees "to outperform, outsell and out-innovate the competition." She writes that every employee needs, at a basic level, a steady paycheck, a quiet workspace, and more training. Including psychological research, Comaford goes on to explain each of these needs in more depth and why each is so critical to maintaining a healthy culture. She concludes the article with this promising send-off, "vWhen employers do that successfully, their organizations will enjoy more innovation, collaboration, engagement and forward progress."

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