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Jul 31, 2013

light-bulb-brain-teaserGoogle isn't the only company that is turning away from those infamous cryptic and riddle-like interview questions. Marketwatch reports that Japanese recruiting experts Hays are also recommending that employers in Japan are shifting back to competency-based interviews. The article states, "Brainteaser interview questions offer no real insight into a job applicant and instead make the interviewer feel superior." Questions that focus on experience, skill set, and behavior are the more appropriate and fair way to sift through job candidates. An example of a question intended on assessing behavior is, "Describe something you have done that was new for your organization that improved the performance of your team or the value of the work done." It seems that a question like this should be much more welcome than having to answer questions that are clearly intended to throw the interviewer off.

video-interview-manA recent trend in video interviews are turning some people off. Chad Brooks' recent piece explains why both recruiters and job prospects should opt against this type of interview. According to a study conducted by the business school at McMaster University, video conferencing interviews made the candidates seem less likable and the interviewers were viewed as less competent. This is obviously a bad route for everyone involved. Brooks writes, "The researchers said accurate assessments of candidates and positive evaluations of interviewers are essential as organizations complete for talent. In addition, candidates who evaluate their interviewers more positively are more likely to accept a job offer." He continues with some tips for the prospects and interviewers in the case that a video conferenced interview is unavoidable, including using the best equipment necessary, practicing on video beforehand, and using positive body language.

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