Top HR and Company Culture News – July 31, 2013

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Jul 30, 2013

performance1Performance reviews usually involve at least a little bit of stress- usually for both parties. Virginia Backaitis asked five top career coaches about how employees should best to respond to the feedback, whether the review was positive or negative. There are some gems in here, including Roy Cohen's tips on how to react to negative feedback. He suggests that employees take the high road and admit that there's room for growth. Cohen continues, "Your boss will be relieved, and that may open a door for you. Convey that you're committed to being successful, that you'll work tirelessly and that you'd like to work together to develop a plan of action." There's a lot more fantastic advice in the full article.

Disposition-Matters-the-MostWe all want to learn how to be how happier when we're on the job (and off the job, too). Jacquelyn Smith of Forbes recently published a piece with 11 steps on how to be happier at work. They include mental challenges inspired by Srikumar Rao, such as letting go of grudges and "practicing "extreme resilience." The steps that Smith included in the piece were from Rao's recent book Happiness at Work. The book details the rapidly growing philosophical trend of prioritizing the happiness of employees. We're impressed by the article AND the book!

walking-meeting1Another recent piece on happiness at work takes a much more simple, physical approach than the piece featured above. Drake Baer summed up a recent post by Happiness Project author Gretchen Rubin and added some of his own tips. These ideas are as simple as turning a meeting into a walking one, getting up an hour or two earlier to infuse more peace in your life, and taking structured breaks throughout your day. These simple, easy-to-do solutions complement the more psychological and mental-shifting ideas detailed in Smith's story above. Ideally, we can all implement all of these tips to enhance both our short and long term happiness.

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