Top HR and Company Culture News – July 26, 2013

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Jul 25, 2013

Sad-employeeA recent Office Team survey revealed that 60% of employees would leave their jobs if they weren't feeling engaged. Based on the recent Gallup poll on employee engagement, this is pretty jarring news. Office Team Executive Director Robert Hosking remarked, "There are many factors that contribute to strong employee engagement -- chief among them are the ability of staff to reach professional goals and understand how they contribute to the organization's big-picture objectives." He also offered some solutions to help improve engagement including transparency, open feedback, and helping employees set career goals. The recent surge in articles on the sad state of employee engagement is discouraging, but it's great to see that so many companies are becoming motivated to improve company culture in order to retain their best talent.

happy-employeesIn brighter news, Laurence McCahill just wrote a piece about a "new breed of entrepreneur choosing happiness before profits." In a world of increased employee disengagement, this is extremely welcome news. McCahill mentions companies like Zappos and Southwest Airlines who are making "happiness their business model." The most remarkable thing about this is that it seems to be working. When you combine a good product with passion, purpose and engaged employes, you usually get loyal customers and handsome profits on the other side. This piece is really interesting and perfectly timed to counter-balance all the gloomy news about dissatisfaction in the workplace.

job-interviewGetting a first job interview is a difficult enough process to make it worth your while to do everything you can invited back for another one. Elaine Varelas gave some tips in a recent piece. This well-thought out guide includes tips such as writing out scripted answers to expected questions, researching everything about the company, and setting a realistic goal with the interview. Varelas claims that by following her tips, you will "most likely be communicating at your best leading to a second interview." Advice well worth taking!

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