Top HR and Company Culture News – July 25, 2013

by B.J. Shannon on Jul 24, 2013 11:30:51 PM

justice scaleIs a healthy work-life balance possible in this hyper-connected age? At least in the traditional sense? Kristi Hedges of Forbes has her doubts. In a recent piece, she writes, "Indeed, the perfect equilibrium of work and personal time is a noble goal to strive for, but the reality is that few can achieve and sustain it." Despite that, Hedges thinks that it's time for everyone to define what work-life balance means for them. Her take on what work-life balance means takes into account the varying lifestyles and schedules that today's environment allows many of us to have.

Great-Places-to-WorkIt's always great to see how a company leader effectively turned around his or her company culture. Leslie Caccamese featured Ryan, LLC in a recent blog post on Great Place To Work. She writes how CEO Brint Ryan brought his successful company from being an OK place to work (only 56% of employees felt that it was a healthy place to work) to being ranked the 6th best small or medium-sized company to work. He credits fantastic employee feedback as the impetus to making the right changes for the employees at his company.

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