Top HR and Company Culture News – July 23, 2013

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Jul 22, 2013

OnboardingOnboarding a new employee is a process that can be vital to his long-lasting tenure with the company. In a recent Forbes piece, Melissa Llarena writes that the welcoming and introductory phase should last 90 days to avoid an early departure by the new employee. Almost as many as 20% of new hires leave the company within the first 45 days of employment, costing the company between $3,000 and $18,000. Llarena suggests five ideas that an employer should incorporate into the longer onboarding plan, including activities that capture the company's culture, experiences with the company's products, and reviews of performance-review templates. A new employee is an investment that should be set up for long-term success instead of rushed into short-term productivity.

ONJ_workfriends_orig20120816-17262-1v3ezbkFriendships at work can mean more than just having someone to laugh with everyday. A recent Gallup Poll revealed that having close friendships at work increased employee satisfaction by 50%. Eric Bloom suggests that managers should take advantage of this effect and encourage a more personally engaging environment in the workplace. He writes, "The reason for you to understand your staff’s likes and dislikes isn’t just so you can buy them thoughtful gifts when they leave, it’s to maximize their efficiency and build their loyalty while on the job."

justice scaleThe balance between "process" and organic culture can be a difficult one to perfect in the office. While too much process can feel bureaucratic and stifling, too little process can come off as a bit aimless. Joel Basgall suggests three questions a company can ask to make sure they strike the right mix of culture and process. The questions will help a company decide if they're using process for the right reasons, if it creates a good balance with a more natural feel, and if a company is able to keep the amount of process in check by making good culture decisions.

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