Top HR and Company Culture News – July 22, 2013

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Jul 21, 2013

dynamicleaderToday's top news features 4 fantastic videos, all curated by Kira Newman for Tech Cocktail. Each video is of a company leader sharing insights on how to build a fantastic company culture. The focus is on startups, but all companies can learn from these fantastic insights. Newman sums up the content well by writing, "You’ll learn why habits can make or break your culture, why making your employees happy is step one, and why culture is so important."

slideBecause it's Monday and you have enough to catch up on, we've picked another visual-heavy piece to make it easier for you to learn about great company culture. This slideshow from Kahler Slater gives us a really cool view of companies that have designed their workplace to reflect their culture. From Astellas to Samsung, these workplaces are really unique and inspiring to see. It's fun to see companies taking their culture so seriously that they invest so much in building spaces that mirror their most central vision.

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