Top HR and Company Culture News – July 15, 2013

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Jul 14, 2013

bad-interviewNo matter how well prepared we feel for a job interview, let’s face it, sometimes we bomb them. Melissa Shaw thinks that we can take something positive from these otherwise awful experiences. Most importantly, we can learn from the experience and apply that wisdom to future interviews. Despite never wanting to face the interviewer again, a follow-up letter explaining what went wrong can be beneficial for future consideration at the company. The article includes some good tips on how to craft the note. This article reminds us of the old adage, “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!”

marissa-mayer-was-always-smart-she-was-accepted-into-every-college-she-applied-to-about-10-schoolsIt seems that Yahoo is almost constantly in the news regarding a company policy or decision that CEO Marissa Mayer has made. She has made some drastic workplace changes in an effort to fulfill her first plan of making Yahoo a more desirable place to work. Mayer’s plan is working, according a recent article by Seth Fiegerman, who writes, “Employee satisfaction at Yahoo under Mayer is at its highest level in the five years Glassdoor has been tracking reviews.” The Mashable post also includes comparisons to several previous Yahoo CEOs (and we know there have been many).

large_tom-flannagan-paterson-raisesAs the US economy improves and workers start to feel more comfortable looking for new jobs, companies are focusing more on employee retention. Although employee satisfaction should always be a top priority, many companies let it slip when the economy is down because there are usually bigger issues to deal with and employees are more fearful of losing their job. In a recent article, Frank Witsil wrote that in order to retain their top talent, “companies of all sizes are offering employees better compensation and benefits, more flexible hours, tuition reimbursement and even handwritten notes of encouragement.” It’s interesting to see the tables turning after what seemed like an endless period of employer domination.

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