Top HR and Company Culture News – July 11, 2013

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Jul 10, 2013

square microsoftCan a huge company tweak its culture to act more like a startup? As Microsoft transitions into a company that builds devices and services, the intended culture will more resemble a series of startups versus a multibillion-dollar behemoth. Janet Tu of The Seattle Times reported on this surprising directive coming from CEO Steve Ballmer himself. According to Tu, some employees mentioned that the “company culture is becoming more collaborative, fast-paced, and infused in places with what some are calling a ‘startup vibe’- a sense of being the underdog...and a willingness to incorporate feedback...” It’ll be interesting to see what real world effects this culture shift has on Microsoft as a whole.

DontThere are countless articles about how to act and speak during an interview. Heather Huhman took a different approach in this guide on what NOT to do when meeting with a potential employer. From slouching to being negative, these tips are great to review if only just to make sure that you’re mindful of these before you head in for the big meeting. Huhman writes that “a solid combination of practicing ways to ace an interview as well as being aware of the most common interview blunders to avoid is the best ways to prepare.”

Happy business people laughing against white backgroundHiring great talent is obviously a cornerstone to building a great business. In today’s increasingly mobile environment, keeping these great employees on your team is equally as important. Christina Merhar provided 7 tips on how small businesses can retain the employees they hire. Including in her tips is the basic idea of understanding why employee retention matters. Realizing the expense, time and effort required to replace an employee should be reason enough to put in an effective strategy to keep your team happy and loyal.

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