TINYpulse Client Profile - Conversion Rate Experts Standing Out

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Jun 30, 2013

cre-team-480We're privileged to work with clients from all around the world that deeply care about measuring and improving their organization's culture, recognition, and results. We have clients that TINYpulse on every continent except Antarctica (we're working on that!), but of course, some clients stand out more than others. One such client is Conversion Rate Experts "CRE" based in the US (New York) and Europe (UK, Germany and France). They're headed up by Ben Jesson and Dr. Karl Blanks.

First of all, upon signing up both Ben and Karl dove right in and embraced TINYpulse. I must have had at least a dozen exchanges with them about the capabilities and application of TINYpulse. They were seeking best practices and guidance on how to gain as much genuine feedback as possible from their team and on how to drive positive organizational change based on employee responses. They also pushed me on new features to help them achieve these changes at an even faster pace. In fact, one of the most popular features of TINYpulse came directly from their thoughtful feedback. Thanks Ben and Karl!

Second, their clients love them and their work. We actually have a mutual friend, Rand Fishkin, of Moz.com, and he just gushes about them. Check out Rand's testimonial - it's unbelievable!

Third, they have a strong culture of giving back and philanthropy that resonates with our stated goal of giving 1% of our product to non-profits, 1% of our time back to the community, and 1% of our 2013 profits to EO. Conversion Rate Experts funded the building of a kitchen in St. John’s Primary School in Mwanza District in southern Malawi. In addition, they pay for all the meals of the students, which is close to 500 students. Bravo team Conversion Rate Experts. Take a bow!



Finally, Ben and Karl just look sooooo cool sporting our honey badger shirts! A couple of bad @ss honey badgers to be exact. Thank you and your team, and we're privileged to be your partner to improve your company's culture, recognition, and results.

CRE Honey Badger White Small-1

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