Top HR and Company Culture News – June 28, 2013

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Jun 27, 2013

hrtechnologyAs technology and cloud applications rapidly evolve, HR technology systems are becoming more and more popular. According to recent research, approximately 60% of companies plan to purchase new HR or talent management systems within the next 18 months. Historically, these systems have been used primarily for recruiting purposes, but organizations are now harnessing the technology for talent management and retention. HR technology is a very exciting space these days as more and more startup companies are re-inventing the industry. Bill Goodwin of Computer Weekly summed up the competitive landscape well in this recent article.

ignoring-300x235Leadership can be demonstrated in myriad ways, but one of the most important and effective is to engage your employees genuinely and consistently. Michelle M. Smith recently wrote, “every day, leaders have the chance to step up and make a difference for their colleagues and their organizations, and employees are desperately craving vision, feedback, and guidance.” When managers don’t compliment or critique their team members, employees are disengaged at a shocking rate (40% vs. 1% for companies where employees feel complimented regularly.) According to a Gallup poll featured in Smith’s write-up, only 10 percent of employees get regular progress feedback, while 50% get no feedback at all. This disconnect between managers and employees can result in feelings of disengagement, low productivity and massive turnover.

google-samsung-chromebook-laptop-chrome-osWorkplace IT infrastructure is one more amenity that needs to be tip-top in order to maintain employee satisfaction. In a recent Smart Company article, Patrick Stafford reported on a recent Deloitte Access Economics and Google study that found “maintaining a sophisticated workplace IT infrastructure is crucial to holding on to current staff, winning new, talented employees and keeping them happy.” As home technology becomes better and easier to use, employees expect their workplace computer experiences to match or even better it. This is just one more example of how companies need to always evolve in order to keep up with expectations in order to offer a satisfying workplace culture. While workplace culture isn’t a race, it needs to be a top priority for employers in order to attract and retain top talent.

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