Top HR and Company Culture News – June 27, 2013

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Jun 26, 2013

Multi-tasking-Crazy-Busy-or-Just-CrazyMulti-tasking can be a serious drain on employee happiness. In a recent article, Christopher Null writes that “now it seems that employers are driving their employees crazy as well—causing them to hate coming to work—thanks to the hefty demands of multitasking.” Employees value having control and too many distractions can seriously affect both their performance and satisfaction. He offers some tips on how to limit multi-tasking, such as shutting down your email client for a few hours while busy working on a project. This is an important lesson for today’s world of constant incoming messages via email, IM and text messages.

employee-trifectaWe love a good infographic here at TINYhr, and this one is great! Marissa Brassfield shares this infographic on employee happiness with us along with some color commentary. She writes that “Happy employees equal productive employees and that benefits the bottom line.” Some really interesting stats are presented, including the monetary benefits of keeping employees happy. According to the infographic, maintaining happy employees decreases sick leave by 67% and doubles employee retention! Check out this link for a ton of fascinating stats!

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