Top HR and Company Culture News – June 26, 2013

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Jun 25, 2013

tonyZappos is best known for their customer service and their work culture (besides their insane inventory of shoes at amazing prices, of course!) In Allison Fass’ short Inc. video, founder Tony Hsieh states that not only does Zappos hire based on culture fit, but they will also let an employee go if they no longer match their cultural needs. The Zappos interview process even includes a separate interview based solely on culture. That is some genuine dedication to preserving an awesome culture!

How can the inevitable disappointment of fad diets teach us an important lesson about employee recognition? Derek Irvine answers this light-hearted but thoughtful question in a recent piece featured on He compares the “quick fix” of a fad diet to relatively fruitless employee perks like “Pizza Party Wednesdays, Bagel Fridays, Employee of the Month program and other similar plans.” Irvine suggests that employers need to be more strategic about employee recognition, with cheers coming consistently and from both managers and peers. Hmm…now if we could just think of a way to do that?!

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