Top HR and Company Culture News – June 25, 2013

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Jun 24, 2013

commumication-10-skillsCommunication! We’re constantly told about the importance of communication in personal relationships, but Dennis Crowley stresses how crucial it is in the workplace as well. After founding Foursquare, Crowley quickly learned that over-communication was critical for success and he made sure to practice that policy with colleagues and investors alike. Lynne Guey of Business Insider curated this write-up from a previous New York Times article.

Team_peopleEmployee engagement is clearly something that we value here at TINYhr. It’s absolutely crucial to a thriving workplace environment and should be something that company leaders continuously focus on. Gianluigi Cuccureddu published Tatiana Beales’s five steps to enhance employee engagement with team bonding. These clever ideas include setting up a “social responsibility” day each quarter so that employees can volunteer their time for a cause that’s important to them. These inspiring ideas can help any organization figure out team bonding events that are right for your organization.

leadershipOut of all leadership qualities, being able to inspire others is what both employees and CEOs value the most. Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman of Zenger/Folkman analyzed data from about 500,000 colleagues in a survey determining the most important leadership competencies. In this Harvard Business Review piece, the two authors share their findings and compliment it with tips for leaders who want to strengthen their ability to inspire. While being inspirational is typically seen as something that comes naturally to a leader, Zenger and Folkman think that “with awareness, good feedback, and a plan of development, leaders are able to improve this most important of all leadership competencies.”

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