Top HR and Company Culture News – June 21, 2013

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Jun 20, 2013

days passingWhen’s the right time to start offering various benefits to a new employee? If a new hire is quitting his job to take a chance on your company, is it fair to wait 90 days before giving him benefits that other employees at your organization enjoy? HRNasty gives his consistently colorful opinion about what a benefits policy says about a company's culture in this recent post. The blogger offers this question and answer: “Should a company treat employees with the attitude that they need to prove their worth before being given a treat, or do you “treat” the employees immediately and hope they will reciprocate? I believe you should treat the employee right and assume the best.” We agree, HRNasty!

article2Even in the happiest and most comfortable of workplaces, moments of uneasiness and awkwardness occasionally rear their ugly heads. Navigating these scenarios correctly can turn a mountain into a mole hill and help you swiftly move on from a budding issue. Adrienne Hill and some callers ask organizational psychologist Ben Dattner for some advice regarding some real-life workplace situations in this informative Marketplace podcast. There’s a wide range of issues presented, including how to handle a moody boss and handling the stress of a high-pressure workplace.

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