Top HR and Company Culture News – June 20, 2013

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Jun 19, 2013

employeehappiness Do you ever wonder how employee happiness differs around the world? This great infographic displays a comparison of employee satisfaction across 32 countries and the results are surprising. It's really interesting to see how the statistics vary across regions of the world and it poses larger questions about how a national culture affects workplace conditions and satisfaction. It looks like Scandanavian countries are doing something right with Denmark and Norway ranking 1st and 2nd!

hubspot ceoHubSpot is widely known and revered for its outstanding company culture. Now, its CEO, Brian Halligan, is challenging other CEOs by saying that 99% of corporate cultures are stuck in the past. Max Nisen’s insightful interview with the CEO in this Business Insider piece includes Halligan’s thoughts on the importance of culture and transparency in the workplace. HubSpot is an absolute leader in company culture and Hilligan’s insight is food for thought for those who truly care about a happy and productive workplace.

dynamicleader“Transformational leadership is only one style of management, but it has the potential to empower your workforce to do more than you thought possible”, writes Rich Hein in this in-depth CIO article. Hein continues by defining what transformational leadership is and how it differs from other management styles. Conceding that some leaders are made, not born, Hein identifies the several traits and actions that a leader needs to develop and execute in order to be such a dynamic presence in the workplace.

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