Top HR and Company Culture News – June 18, 2013

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Jun 17, 2013

article1interviewAs all HR professionals know, recruiting a new hire is a complex process. While skills and relevant experience are important to consider, other factors such as a good culture fit are key to finding a good long-term match. Ignoring the less obvious criteria can ultimately lead to serious issues within your organization. Susan Heathfield assembled an excellent resource of “red flags” to avoid along the various stages of recruitment.

moroccoMany companies can boast about cool amenities that they offer their employees to boost morale, but few can say they’ve done crazy things like moving the entire staff to Morocco! Julie Bort details some truly awesome places to work in her recent Business Insider piece. From paid singing lessons to a half-day of complete silence, these companies have found some incredibly innovative ways to create a great culture.

culturechangeA company doesn’t always get culture right on the first try. There are so many factors involved that if one goes awry, a re-do may be necessary. Deidre Paknad offers some quick advice on how to change a company’s culture. This short video is a primer on what a company needs to look at first when contemplating a culture shift.

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