Top HR and Company Culture News – June 12, 2013

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Jun 11, 2013

perfect_fitGetting the real story about a company’s culture isn’t always easy when hiring managers try to paint a perfect picture. US NewsAlison Green provides six excellent pointers for determining whether a company will be a good fit for you. Knowing what factors you care about most and being prepared to ask direct questions about them is the one that most resonates with us. Just like a perfect shirt, culture fit is never one-size-fits-all!

unhappybusinessThe saddest thing we’ve read all day: 70% of employees report that they’re disengaged in their jobs. Whether thinking about that statistic in the context of your own office or the bigger picture of America's workforce, it’s mind boggling to comprehend. Fortunately for us optimists, Mark Crowley’s summary of the report also offers some great steps on how to recover and sustain active engagement from employees. The well-written article also includes a link to the full study.

fun-600x400Fun is usually not the first word that comes to mind when people are thinking about work, but John Stancavage states a great case on why having a fun work environment can yield multiple benefits, including an increase to a company’s bottom line. He writes, “Advantages for a company's bottom line include less turnover and lower health care costs, along with higher output.”

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