Top HR and Company Culture News – June 10, 2013

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Jun 10, 2013

Simon_Mainwaring_Author_HeadshotForbes contributor Simon Mainwaring gets it right on improving a business’ social outreach by creating and maintaining a social company culture. He provides ten fantastic tips on how to get started, including what we at TINYhr believe is the crucial step of creating a statement of values. He adds, “Too many companies forget that their employees are their first line of marketing.“ Hear, hear, Mr. Mainwaring.

Customer Service - Venn DiagramFor anyone who questions the value of focusing on company culture, this summary of a study completed for Deloitte is a must-read. In a write up featured on Fox Business, Dave Mielach reports that “91% of the respondents to a new survey say companies with a strong sense of purpose and culture also have strong financial performance.” The survey provides additional compelling evidence that fostering a strong company culture yields huge positive effects for employees, clients, leaders, and the bottom line. We call that a win-win-win-win! While the article is a great read, we also encourage you to check out the full study as well.

saramccordSara McCord dishes on clever and subtle ways for interviewees to figure out if a company will be a good cultural fit. Who would’ve guessed that asking about popular lunch spots or keeping an eye out for family photos could provide clues about a company’s culture?

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