Killer Dedication to Measuring and Improving Company Culture

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Apr 1, 2013

Killer Infographic SeattleOne of my favorite Seattle companies is Killer Infographics "KI." Not only do they have a "killer" product, but they are also great people with a great culture. I was referred to Amy Balliett of KI through Neil Patel and proceeded to use KI at my previous company, BuddyTV. I was so impressed with their infographic that we followed that up with a great video infographic for CES.

Naturally when we were launching TINYpulse, I turned to them to create a video for us. I still receive compliments on the video and have people asking me all the time, "who did your video?"

When creating our video, Amy learned more about TINYpulse and inquired if they could use it to monitor and improve their work culture. I told Amy that she'd have to be comfortable with collecting anonymous employee responses and have to be committed to sharing back the employee survey results. She readily agreed and was on board.

Since then I've gotten to know Amy and the folks over at KI even better. I've developed a strong appreciation of their culture and have come away thoroughly impressed. Here's highlights of their work environment that sets a high bar for other organizations to follow.

Killer Infographics Culture

*Cherish employee input. When they were at their old, cramped, fire hazard of an office (because of Amy's wall of coffee cups), they knew they needed to expand. Amy actually shared all the options with their team and had them vote on what office the team would be happiest with.

*Engage, engage and engage. Then they all pitched in to furnish the new digs. From buying Ikea furnishing, to assembling, and customizing all the furniture in their swanky new digs. They also have not one but two kegerators! No wonder they have so much esprit de corp.

*Bond during work and outside of work. Killer Infographics plans monthly culture events to connect and blow off steam. Who doesn't love some karaoke + beer? They also offer free lunches to further the bonding within their company during normal work hours.

KillerInfographics Killer Culture

Finally, Killer Infographics puts their money where their mouths are by using TINYpulse to assess and monitor their company's culture and identify areas for improvement. They hold an ongoing all hands forum every Friday to discuss and review the results from the TINYpulse employee surveys. Collecting anonymous employee feedback is the easy part. Sharing back the employee responses and then engaging the team to spark positive change is the harder part that they invest in weekly. It's no wonder why their company results are routinely higher than the benchmark.

In the long run, talented employees will flock to and stay longer at companies that are committed to cultivating and nurturing a great culture. It's great to see Killer Infographics continually invest and build a killer product, client base, and culture.

PS: who can't help but smile at this April Fools' Office Siege prank on Amy?


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