"Honey Badger Don't Care But My Company Does" TINYpulse Shirts

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Dec 12, 2012

First, if you haven't seen the Honey Badger video, I've embedded it here for your convenience. Otherwise, none of this post will make any sense. And if you've already been one of the 55,000,000 views, have another laugh and view :)

Second, since we're TINYhr and not BIGhr, we're always looking for ways to have fun and share what we're doing. So what's better than mixing the honey badger with our BETA clients who believed in "happier employees" too?? We came up with a tagline of "Honey badger don't care but my company does" because we do feel that companies that use TINYpulse really do care about their culture, happiness, retention. In fact, right on our homepage, we tell managers:

Only Try TINYpulse if you're committed to change, sharing, and action







Third, we mailed out the shirts last week and already have some proud leaders sporting their very slimming and distinguished TINYpulse honey badger shirts. Who says work can't be fun?

Peter Chee Honey Badger TINYpulse Shirt


AdReady CEO Honey Badger TINYpulse shirt

~David Niu

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