Inspiration for TINYpulse from Humble Start to Launch

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Nov 1, 2012

TINYpulse Starts

It's been a long, exhilarating, fun, action-packed, soul-searching, fulfilling journey. It really kicked into high gear when Alice, ten-month old Keira, and I started on our careercation earlier this year. We sold everything, stuff everything else into storage and bought one way tickets to New Zealand. We met new people, saw new site, experienced new memories. I know that Keira won't remember any of this, but we have pics to prove it to her when she's older. But at the end of the day, we proved to ourselves that if we saved, were frugal, and planned well, we can take another careercation in the future. The benefits and memories far outweigh the costs and what if's.


At the same time, it opened up a delicious opportunity to interview entrepreneurs around the world as we traveled from place to place. I met and talked to business owners that were far outside of my usual, technology field. By keeping an open mind and blogging about what I learned from them in terms of people management, culture, and leadership, I was drawn to my next solution, which today is TINYpulse.

I wanted to take a moment to thank all the entrepreneurs who openly shared their time, hearts, wins, and losses with me so that we can collectively give back to other entrepreneurs. Without you guys - TINYpulse would not be a reality. Thanks for getting me to today when we launched live!

Thank you.



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