Weekly Top HR News Articles – Week of April 15th Roundup

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Apr 21, 2012

You're ALL Fired! Even Donald Trump would have trouble firing all 1,300 employees of British insurance company, Aviva. Chris Matyszczyk shares how Aviva meant to only fire one person, but instead everyone received an email that they were terminated. Maybe if they took a more humane 1-on-1 approach, they could have avoided this HR epic fail.

Lindsay Olson of U.S. News writes a thought-provoking article on what to do if your company doesn't have a review policy. The piece also provides tips for how to handle the review process once you get your boss to agree to have one with you.

Eve Tahmincioglu dives into SHRM / Globoforce's Winter 2012 Report and finds that HR probably hates reviews too since almost half of HR professionals thought that annual reviews weren't an accurage gauge of employee performance. Eve dives deeper and gets a good perspective from Samuel Culbert about why the performance review that we know today should be banished. See the original Winter 2012 Report report here.

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