Weekly Top HR News Articles - Week of March 18 Roundup

by David Niu on Mar 17, 2012 9:42:42 AM


Talks about a friend who's paid to watch porn. After awhile, it all looks the same. So how can a job applicant get their resume to sparkle?

Fun read from Forbes on the most outrageous job interview mistakes. I'm sure we've all made a couple and witnessed our fair share.

Six weeks after Salesforce acquired Rypple (for a rumored $65 million), they launched their integrated solution. This is amazingly quick for any acquisition with some companies taking years to digest their acquisition (or never fully integrating to their shareholder's dismay). This highlights the power of integrating two solutions that are both cloud based and may be a best practice for future acquisitions in the cloud space.

Diane Jermyn has a good piece from six Canadians admitting their best and worst performance review experiences. It's an easy, insightful read.

Brian Sommer of ZDNet praises Cornerstone on Demand's $14 million acquisition of Sonar6. There won't be any integration here since Sonar6 has been given autonomy to continue targeting the SMB market segment.

Some ideas on how to improve the annual review system from Jo Ayoubi at Personnel Today.

Short read on what to do if you receive a poor review by Sreeradha D Basu at The Economic Times.

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