The only 2 reasons you need to go to TINYcon 2018.

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Jul 10, 2018

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During the beginning of 2016, our company, Crescent Bank, decided to jump into employee engagement. We knew that we wanted our employees to be engaged. We knew engagement increased productivity. We knew we wanted to know what every employee on every level thought about the company.

But, that’s about all we knew.

We absolutely had no idea what we were doing. 

And then, after many hours were spent on google searches, our Chief of Staff received an email from TINYpulse. It was fate! In the summer of 2016, we rolled out our first TINYpulse survey to our staff. Not too soon after, we introduced the company to Cheers for Peers and encouraged everyone to make suggestions on how to improve the company. 

Because of TINYpulse, we have implemented 53 employee suggestions that have made our organization a better place to work. We believe that most or all of these suggestions – some cost saving, others morale boosting, mostly efficiency gains – would never have occurred without the implementation and guidance of TINYpulse and their dedicated team of experts.

What makes that story stand out even more is the amount of change in the organization that has taken place in the last two years – some ups and some downs. Tracking our happiness score has allowed us to see what has significant impact on our employees and, therefore, has strengthened our resolve and ability to keep the employees first in mind when implementing that change. 

With all of the support that TINYpulse offers, is it really necessary to spend the extra money and attend the conference? I mean, we were able to get employee engagement off the ground before attending our first conference.

The answer is a resounding YES! This will be my third year attending the conference. Here’s why you should pack your bags:

One connection could fundamentally change your business. During TINYcon, I was privileged to meet Jackie Craver. Jackie is a Senior Director at Nintendo. She is full of positive energy, phenomenal ideas, and it is obvious that she is an incredible leader. She introduced me to Simon Sinek’s concept on leadership and the power of WHY. That one connection led to an idea that has powered my department ever sense.

We not only identified our "why" at Crescent Bank - but the decisions we make all tie back to that one powerful statement. It is our guiding light and is the foundation to our success as our department evolves. We slowed down and stopped taking on all projects and only focused on the projects that make a difference. That led to increased productivity and a better quality product. 

But that’s not all. I not only made one connection, I made many more. And with that came so – many – great – ideas! Some we’ve implemented. Others we just can’t wait to implement. Earl Nightingale said, “Everything begins with an idea.” At TINYcon, people share their ideas, and from that inspiration you create your own. And that inspiration, that knowledge, that connection could fundamentally change your business.

You will, without a doubt, learn something. TINYcon is full of expert presenters – entrepreneurs, professors, researchers, heads of organizations and departments and people just like me and you. There is so much knowledge in the room that we cannot possibly tap into all of it. But you will learn something,  and that something could be the thing that makes a difference in your business, your personal relationships, your business relationships and at home. The past two years at TINYpulse featured Mark Roberge. Mark is a Harvard Business School Professor and is the author of “The Sales Acceleration Formula”.



Mark was incredibly engaging, and I was torn between putting down my pen and fully paying attention and trying to capture as much as he was sharing as possible. An impactful take-away was his idea to engineer your own sales hiring formula. Hmmm….could I replicate that idea? Could I create a formula to hire those who would be most successful, therefore creating engagement for them, engagement for my team, engagement for me, and engagement for my organization? Could it be done in a talent development department? 

We’re working through that process now. We’ve identified the traits we need to capture, changed the way we interview, and we’re tracking the data. And I’m motivated and excited about how that shared knowledge is helping my department evolve in more powerful ways that I could have ever imagined. I wouldn’t have received that without TINYcon.

I’ll throw in a third reason as a bonus. TINYcon is run efficiently. The conference is fun, it gets to the point, and it is full of engagement. You will immediately feel welcomed by TINYpulse staffers and others attending the conference and you will hate to leave. This is the rare conference that is built on providing quality, expert information and knows how to have fun at the same time.



So if you’re on the fence about going, it’s time to get down. Register for your tickets, book your flight, reserve your hotel room. Join me in September for two and a half days of learning and networking. Stop googling and get the ideas you’ve been searching for to create better employee engagement in your business and pack your bags for Seattle. I’ll see you there!

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Darleen Lenyo is the Vice President of Talent Development and Employee Engagement at Crescent Bank in New Orleans. She has been a certified Disc trainer for 11 years, has a Six Sigma Green Belt certification, and has owned and run two different businesses.


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