15 Signs You’re Doing Employee Engagement the Right Way

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Apr 20, 2016

15 Signs You’re Doing Employee Engagement the Right Way by TINYpulseHow do you know that you’re doing employee engagement the right way? We’ve recently talked about signs that indicate your employee engagement efforts need an overhaul. Now, let’s shift our focus to signs that indicate your engagement efforts are succeeding:


1. Your employees stick around forever

One of the easiest indicators of employee engagement is your retention rate. If your employees stay at your company for quite some time after they're hired, there’s a good chance your engagement efforts are succeeding.


2. You promote from within

Whenever a management position opens up at your organization, do a bunch of current employees put their names up for consideration? If so, you’re doing employee engagement right. Your workers should be motivated to climb the ladder internally.


3. It’s easy to recruit top talent

What happens when you post a new job listing? If there’s a swarm of talented individuals who throw their hats into the ring right away, chances are word has gotten out that your company is the place to be.


4. Your team is full of brilliant ideas

When you’re doing employee engagement right, your workers will be eager to come up with ways you guys can improve. When you ask your staff whether they have any ideas and everyone raises their hand, keep doing what you’re doing.


5. Your company’s Glassdoor page looks great

If you don’t dread the existence of Glassdoor but welcome it instead (because of all the raving reviews), you’re doing employee engagement the right way.


6. Customers have a lot of wonderful things to say

Engaged employees provide great service to customers. If your customers consistently comment about how amazing your staff is and there are rarely any disparaging remarks, stay the course.


7. Your bottom line is growing

Engaged employees are more productive than their disengaged peers. If your bottom line grows every quarter, you’re doing something right.


8. Your employees love showing up to work

Do your employees look miserable when they show up to the office every morning? Engaged employees are happier than their disengaged counterparts. They love their companys culture and are excited to get to work most of the time (everyone has their days).


9. Your employees don’t use all their sick days

When workers are engaged, they’re less likely to take sick days, according to Gallup. If your company has a surplus of sick days at the end of the year, your engagement efforts are succeeding.


10. Your team participates in extracurricular activities

If no one joins the company softball team, there’s something wrong with your engagement efforts. When your workers are happy to participate in after-hours events, they’re likely to be engaged.


11. Management is approachable

Do your employees pop into your office to ask you a quick question or make a suggestion? If so, your engagement efforts are succeeding.


12. Collaboration is a cornerstone of your company

Disengaged employees show up to work, sulk, and go through the motions. Engaged employees, on the other hand, are eager to get things done — and done well. If you see your staff collaborating often, chances are your engagement efforts are working.


13. Your employees give honest feedback

When you solicit their feedback, do your employees tell the truth? Engaged employees will be brutally honest because they care about making your company the best company it can be.


14. Changes are made quickly

Whenever your staff agrees on making a change, does it take a week to switch things up or a quarter? The faster changes are made, the more likely your engagement efforts are working.


15. Your team doesn’t complain about workloads

According to our 2015 Employee Engagement Report, almost 70% of workers say they have too much on their plates each week. If hardly anyone on your team complains about their workloads, your employees are probably engaged because they’re able to tackle more work each week.

How does your company stack up?



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