12 Companies Where Pets Feel Right at Home

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Sep 12, 2016

employee's best friend

People recently compiled a list of the most pet-friendly companies in the United States. Some allow pets at work. Others are staffed by people who love animals and, thus, offer special benefits to pet owners.


01. Genetec

Genetec doesn’t actually let dogs come to work, but they have the Genetec Dog Club, and they offer discounts on day care for canines and pet insurance.


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02. Kimpton Hotels

Kimpton is a hotel chain that has some dog residents for guests to have fun with. They also allow employees to bring in their pets and provide pet insurance and even time off to grieve when someone loses a pet.


03. Atlantic Health

Workers can bring pets to work at this hospital chain. Not only do they have an animal appreciation program, but they also offer a Soothing Paws therapy program for animals.


04. Salesforce

This place actually has a special dog-friendly space — with water bowls, soundproof walls, beds, and cages — where employees can work alongside their pets. The company also offers employees discounts on pet insurance, day care, and paid walks.


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05. Mars

Well, they make pet food, among other things, so Mars lets pets come to work and provides pet-care discounts when employees have to travel. The company also schedules animal-oriented volunteer projects.


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06. Google

It’s official. Written right into the company’s code of conduct are props for dogs, and their café is dog themed. Dogs who visit often get their own, presumably non-chewable, visitor badges.


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07. Build-a-Bear Workshop

Dogs, who may even be treated with birthday parties there, are welcome at work. There’s also — get this — a concierge for them that provides spa services and arranges puppy play dates.


08. Workday

Dogs are welcome at the office, especially at the yearly party the staff throws for them.


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09. Autodesk

Autodesk offers pet insurance for almost any kind of pet, and dogs are welcome at work — employees with allergies to them can work in a special dog-free area. 


SOURCE: Fortune

10. VMWare

A study revealed that pets at work increase interaction between departments, so this company lets employees bring theirs in after signing an animal etiquette agreement. 


SOURCE: VMWare.com

11. GoDaddy

GoDaddy has pups on hand to keep workers chill. They also have psychologists on hand, many of whom have assistants who are dogs. (This seems a little ironic since GoDaddy’s owner is a notorious elephant hunter, and they had to pull a disturbing puppy ad.) danica-puppy-11415-godaddy-photo-ftrjpg_shiafhq9q4he1w3ruq1eqgqej.jpg

SOURCE: GoDaddy.com

12. Activision Blizzard

In addition to Pet Parent Day, at which the gaming company offers animal health screenings and pet insurance discounts, dogs are welcome to visit the office. They told People that over 397 dogs have.


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Why is it that the presence of animals at work makes so many of us feel more human? Don’t know. Maybe it’s a reminder that we’re more than just the work we do.



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