11 Signs Your Coworkers Don’t Think That Much of You

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Feb 24, 2017

11 signs your co-workers dont think much of you

You spend all day with these people. Some of them you like, and others not so much. Every now and then, though, you catch a whiff of superiority, and it throws you off. Do your colleagues not get you? Hmm. Are you just being paranoid? Maybe not.

Let’s find out by looking for the 11 signs that there’s a problem, from Business Insider.

1. They gossip about you — a lot

Every now and then, OK. But if you feel like you’re the subject of an ongoing stream of gossip, uh-oh. You’ve become a source of amusement instead of a colleague.


2. They ignore you

Your emails don’t get answered, your suggestions or comments go unaddressed, your nonwork chit-chat gets no response. Hello? Am I invisible here?


3. Your ideas get stolen

Good ideas you come up with are poached by someone else who takes credit. Maybe nobody took you seriously enough to even notice when you first presented the idea — no wonder the perp concluded he or she could get away with it.


4. You get reprimanded more than seems normal

Coworkers — not your boss — are critiquing your work, and your boss seems especially on your case, like you need some kind of remedial guidance you don’t actually need.


5. You’re seeing suspicious body language

You catch someone you’re talking to avoiding eye contact or employing odd facial expressions. Maybe they stand oddly far away, or look like they’re in a hurry to get somewhere else.



6. Your credibility is questioned

When your authority is continually ignored, and your judgment considered less reliable than you know it is, you’re not being taken seriously.


7. Your time seems to be worth less than others’

People don’t want to waste any of their time, but seem quite comfortable wasting yours. This means your hard work isn’t being valued as it should.


8. You feel like people are condescending to you

People talk to you like you’re so dumb you couldn’t possibly comprehend something unless they tell. You. Very. Slowly. There’s nothing more insulting.


9. You feel like you’re on the outside of the action

It doesn’t seem like anyone feels the need for your input in group emails, chats, or other kinds of conversations, so you feel like there’s a whole level of business going on from which you’re excluded.


10. People lie to you

People feel like they can just lie to you because you won’t know or you don’t matter. Why waste time explaining when they just want to be done with you quickly?


11. You have a general bad feeling you can’t identify

You can’t put your finger on it, but just being around your coworkers depresses you or makes you want to escape.

OK, so let’s say you don’t experience any of this. Yay! You’re popular. But let’s say you do. What should you do? Changing the dynamic with one or two problematic people is possible, and you should try to figure out what the issue is with them. But a whole office? You probably not fitting in with the workplace culture. It might be time to look for a job somewhere else.



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