100 Quick and Easy Employee Engagement Tips

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Are your employees engaged? Do you even know if they are?

If your organization is anything like the average company, a majority of them are not — despite what you may think. According to a recent Gallup survey, only 32% of employees are engaged with their jobs, which means that more than two-thirds of workers aren’t reaching their full potential.

No matter how strong your employee engagement program is, you can always make it a little bit stronger. With that in mind, here are 100 quick and easy employee engagement tips that should make your team more productive:

  • Recognize your employees’ hard work
  • Make professional development a top priority
  • Schedule team-building events on a regular basis
  • Let your employees make their own schedules
  • Articulate a clear vision for your company
  • Define job responsibilities very thoroughly
  • Be as transparent as possible when communicating important company news
  • Solicit feedback from your team at recurring intervals
  • Build a strong and fun corporate culture
  • Hire employees for culture fit
  • Equip your team with tools that make their jobs easier
  • Provide ample opportunities for training and coaching
  • Allow your employees to work remotely
  • Give back to your community as a team
  • Hold 1:1 meetings to give your employees time to express their thoughts privately
  • Treat your employees as adults and let them work autonomously
  • Prove that you care about work-life balance
  • Encourage your employees to pursue pet projects
  • Foster a work environment that is conducive to collaboration
  • Applaud your employees when they want to work with other departments
  • Know your employees’ career goals and help them reach them
  • Promote from within whenever senior positions open up
  • Cultivate personal relationships with your employees and encourage them to do the same
  • Set goals for your team and work hard, together, to reach them
  • Lead by example — your employees will follow suit
  • Harness the power of having pride in your organization
  • Hold spontaneous team-building events
  • Motivate your team with positive reinforcement
  • Make sure your employees feel a sense of ownership in the organization
  • Innovate as a manager and rethink the way you do things
  • Help your employees find meaning in their work
  • Provide feedback on your employees’ work regularly
  • Identify your employees’ skill sets — and cater to them
  • Invest in your employees’ health (e.g., healthy snacks and gym memberships)
  • Transform your office into a fun place to do great work
  • Add more desirable perks to the mix when your budget allows it
  • Take a company field trip to a museum, art gallery, or park
  • Switch to an open office layout (at least partially)
  • Introduce new hires to the rest of the team right away
  • Enable employees to make lateral moves within your organization
  • Let your workers take on additional responsibilities when they show initiative
  • Eliminate all unnecessary meetings to give your employees more time to work
  • Live your organizational values
  • Bring in meals for your staff whenever you can
  • Hold your necessary meetings outside
  • Let your employees listen to music in the workplace at least occasionally
  • Send as few emails as you can
  • Start a mentorship program where senior workers take rookies under their wings
  • Share positive customer feedback in a timely manner
  • Help your employees solve any problems that materialize
  • Read your company’s Glassdoor page and respond to what’s said there (within reason)
  • Use gamification whenever you can
  • Take dreadful tasks off your employees’ plates when someone else doesn’t mind doing them
  • Establish a culture of trust
  • Embrace innovation and encourage your employees to come up with new ideas
  • Allow your employees to bring their dogs to the office at least once a week
  • Invite experts into the office to hold workshops and seminars
  • Respond to feedback promptly to prove you care what employees are saying
  • Give your employees the authority to plan company-wide events
  • Encourage open brainstorming sessions from time to time
  • Give hot desking a try
  • Understand that every employee is not the same person
  • Make sure your employees unplug when the time is right
  • Take a zany team photo once a year (or once a quarter)
  • Have themed days at the workplace (e.g., ugly sweater day)
  • Give your employees the raises they deserve
  • Celebrate employee milestones and anniversaries
  • Take your team out to a paintbar to channel their inner van Gogh
  • Cultivate an atmosphere that is conducive to learning
  • Encourage your employees to speak their minds
  • Let your workers shadow other teams to spark new ideas
  • Support local businesses (e.g., the neighborhood coffee shop)
  • Sponsor an event or a conference
  • Stress the importance of taking breaks throughout the day
  • Send a random group of employees out to lunch to get to know each other
  • Have a company game day once a month or once a quarter
  • Explain your employees’ benefits thoroughly when anything changes
  • Allow any employee to contribute to the company blog
  • Start a company newsletter to highlight your employees’ achievements and passions
  • Develop a strong EQ to become an ever better leader
  • Give all your employees a chance to try new things
  • Share relevant and meaningful content with your team
  • Have your employees volunteer to redecorate the office seasonally
  • Hold playful contests to encourage your employees to reach their full potential
  • Plan events that enable your employees’ families to meet one another
  • Relax your dress code if you haven’t already
  • Turn failures into learning opportunities
  • Make sure senior management is visible and reachable
  • Pay for your employees to attend networking events
  • Attend a sporting event if you live near a professional stadium
  • Schedule a company retreat
  • Organize a company-wide pool during the March Madness college basketball tournament
  • Bring in coffee and doughnuts for your team every now and again
  • Take your employees out for a few rounds of bowling
  • Put your workers first
  • Give out unique and funny awards to your employees once a year
  • Play to your employees’ strengths
  • Use exit interviews to continuously improve your company
  • Hold yourself to the same standards your hold your employees
  • Measure employee engagement periodically to make sure your program is working

What does your organization do to engage your workers?



Justin Reynolds

Justin Reynolds

February 14, 2017



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