10 Things Only Remote Workers Would Understand

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May 25, 2016

10 Things Only Remote Workers Would Understand by TINYpulseWorking from home comes with its own set of rewards and drawbacks, as more people are finding out. According to a Gallup poll, 37% of all workers telecommute regularly, a drastic increase from the 1990s when less than 10% ever worked from home.

Although you have all the tools you need to get the job done, you’ll find that working from home is different than you thought. For every challenge there’s a benefit — and sometimes it’s difficult to tell which is which!  


1. Because you’re online, you’re working, right?

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It’s tempting to think that because your job involves the Internet that anytime you’re online, you’re getting things done. Of course, it’s easier to pop open your Facebook page or scroll through the news when your colleagues and boss can't see your monitor.


2. Working in your pajamas

Ah, the simple joy of not having to wear the clothes that other people want you to wear. Bask in the glory of wearing whatever you want whenever you want.


3. No separation between work and life

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Not having a dividing line cuts both ways. If you don’t see people leaving the office around you, it’s easy to keep working. It’s 10 p.m. before you know it and you haven’t even eaten dinner or talked to another real, breathing human being all day.


4. Your workspace is exactly what you want

With no one around, your standing desk seems a lot less weird. You’ve got everything set up just right — the coffeemaker nearby, your pet by your side, and only the music you want to hear.


5. No office treats

Sometimes the best things in life are those random little perks. Like walking into the office one morning to find that a coworker’s made a pan of their famous fudge–peanut butter brownies.


6. Working during your most productive times of day

No more colleagues hounding you or office hours constricting you from nailing your peak productivity times. If your best work is done from 7 to 9 p.m., you can get things done.


7. You have to be reminded to leave the house

When your spouse or roommate gets home from work, they look at you like, “You need some sunlight and human interaction.”


8. No sick days

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Is there anything worse than calling into work sick? Even when you’re legitimately on death’s door, you still feel a little bad, like maybe if you pump yourself full of meds and suck it up you could make it work. Lucky for you, working from home lets you jump into bed pretty much whenever you want.


9. Not knowing the office gossip

Let’s face it — even if you’re using group chat tools and staying in touch with everyone at the office, you still can’t be there. You aren’t having those informal, random interactions with people. You won’t know all the inside jokes and latest chatter if you’re at your house all day.


10. Not having to get involved in office drama

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You don’t have to pick sides in yet another petty squabble between Ted and Gina. You only have to worry about your own productivity instead of a bunch of useless drama.

Its nice having the freedom to work from home if you choose to do so. Youll find that it comes with its fair shares of joys and annoyances.



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