10 Telltale Signs Your Employee Is Looking For A New Job

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Nov 20, 2014

Have a hunch that your employee is on the prowl, looking for a new job? You might be right. If you see any of the behaviors below, there's a good chance their two weeks notice is just around the corner: 

  1. 4982722491_7342befb96_mLinkedIn Profile Gets Updated: Sometimes this is just maintenance, but other times it’s the refresh your employee needs to get back on the job market.
  2. Taking repeated personal calls during the day: Mom can only call so many times each week. The personal calls might be coming from recruiters and HR personnel scheduling interviews.
  3. Taking repeated, really long lunches: Read, “Interviews.”
  4. An unusual number of sick days: See above.
  5. Productivity is decreasing: If this is out of the ordinary, then your employee is likely distracted and has one foot out the door.
  6. Measuring performance of long-past projects: Might be housekeeping, might be an update to their resume.
  7. Starts becoming a snazzy dresser: Anyone can be inspired to liven up their wardrobe, but it could also be your employee is wearing dressy apparel for lunchtime (see number 3) or after hours interviews.
  8. Becomes a job complainer: You know how you feel after a long day of travel? You’re tired, you’re worn out, and everything is annoying. When your employees are burned out, they’ll let you know—in the worst ways.
  9. Major life changes like new baby, divorce, marriage: Life disruptions often call everything else into question. Are you supporting your employees through drastic change? If not, it’s probable they’ll be on the lookout for an employer who will.
  10. Leaving at 5PM sharp (when they never used to): Again, one foot out the door. Why put in the extra hours when you know you’re on your way out?

This list isn’t meant to create paranoia. It’s a reminder to stay engaged with your employees so you can remove the guess work.

The point: have proactive conversations with them. Schedule time to learn what they like about their job, and what is really irking them. If this is one of your rock stars, figure out how to work things out. What new opportunities for professional growth can you give them? What new projects would they like to be working on that you can arrange? Have those discussions before it's too late. 




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