10 Refrigerator Notes That Probably Didn't Help At All

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Jan 15, 2016

Whether in a secret moment when someone coldly makes off with your food, or whenever somebody leaves behind a what-on-Earth-was-it that no one would ever want to touch at all, it's like we maintain a whole separate set of relationships with coworkers when it comes to the office fridge. Here are some actual notes we found on Instagram from people trying to cope.

1. Yes. That's what's in here. Not food.


A photo posted by graffr (@graffr) on


2. I'm guessing the entrée isn't bad, and the soup is actually pretty good.


A photo posted by Alexandra Cummings (@girlnamedalex) on


3. In the event that Flowchart is your native language.



A photo posted by Dylan Brill (@dylanbrill) on


4. So considerate, sparing me from opening the fridge. Hey, wait a minute.


A photo posted by Brian McCarthy (@b_mccarthy) on


5. Definitely not my yummy hummus.


A photo posted by Crystal Smith (@crystaljoyces) on


6. What did I ever do to you?


A photo posted by tyler mah (@tylermah) on


7. We're about to be replaced by new life-forms, people.


A photo posted by @thepbfiles on


8. Just looking in my container could break your heart. Don't do it.


A photo posted by Nina Schroer (@nina_schroer26) on


9. You can't fool me.


A photo posted by lisa (@metalchick70) on


10. For the love of everything good, get. It. Out. Of. Here.


A photo posted by Jameson Fink (@jamesonfink) on


If you had to pick a time during the day when you're least likely to rise above, it would be when you're starving because someone nicked your lunch. Of course, we'd never do that to someone.




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