Use TINYpulse’s Slackbot to keep employees engaged and productive all year long

by Tyler Adams on Jul 30, 2018 9:02:04 PM

Here at TINYpulse, we use Slack every day, but that doesn’t really describe the depths of our attachment to it. We use it every hour. (Slack is one of the first things I personally check when I get in to the office and when I leave, especially because some of my coworkers are 15 hours ahead of me.)

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Slack is where many of our work conversations take place, and we’re not alone: You may have heard that it’s the fastest-growing business application ever. So last year, inspired by our own experience, we set out to build a Slack application that would make using TINYpulse even easier by integrating with something employees use already.

Enter the TINYpulse Bot. 


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Adding the TINYpulse Bot to Slack allows employees to use commands in direct messages with the bot. Using the Slack integration means employees can:

  • Respond to surveys
  • Send Cheers for Peers
  • Submit anonymous suggestions


All without ever leaving Slack!

“Employees don’t want to leave what they’re doing and start up a task in a different app,” says Prem Kumar, TINYpulse’s Director of Product. “Giving them another option to recognize each other and respond to surveys really helps with our mission of improving productivity, engagement, and happiness.”

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Adding the TINYpulse Bot also gives users the option to add a #cheers4peers channel. Every Cheers for Peers sent by employees is automatically posted to this channel.

“Making recognition front-and-center in whatever platform or modality you use is a big deal to us,” says Kumar. “The more people who see recognition, the greater net effect it has.”

We’re obviously big fans of Slack here at TINYpulse. If you’re not already using Slack, now’s a great time to start. Here’s a special $100 credit towards a new workspace so you can set your team up for success this year.

And if you use Slack and care about company culture, try out the TINYpulse Bot - it’s included in our free trial.


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